Asset Finance by RFL Credit

Asset Finance can enable companies both large and small to obtain funding for the acquisition of assets such as; vehicles, machinery and other equipment required to either grow or aid their businesses.


Asset Financing can help companies to purchase required items but without the financial drain of paying an outright sum. The finance agreement is limited to the asset rather than the company as a whole, this bears less of a financial risk as Security is primarily taken on the asset concerned and is generally a stand-alone facility.


This can often be the smarter option in difficult economic times rather than using that much needed working capital. Asset finance will also help ease your cash flow with regular set payments over a period of time so you're always in control.

Asset finance is not limited to new assets so can also be used to purchase used machinery, vehicles and plant equipment. We at RFL Credit have a long history in commercial finance and have grown to become financial industry specialists in many sectors such as Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing & Road Freight Transport so you can be sure your in good hands.



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