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Company Car Finance

We all need them, either for ourselves or the sales team. There are numerous options here from loans, hire purchase, lease or rental, it’s what is right for you.


For sales personnel you’ll need high mileage allowances and a short-term lease. For the larger company fleet deals are available with a variety of vehicles and commercials in the package. As a sole trader you can simply have one vehicle of your choice.


The decision on finance is usually same day and often within 2 hours. We like to deal with all of our clients personally so each application is looked at by a human underwriter, not credit scored.


Finally if any of your cars are stolen or written off in an accident and the insurance settlement is not sufficient to repay the finance agreement, we can arrange cover. Written details available on request.



What is asset finance?

Put simply, Asset Finance is the ‘provision of credit or leasing facilities to aid your acquisition of business assets’. Security is primarily taken on the asset concerned and is generally a stand-alone facility. The cost is spread over a period up to the useful life of the asset. Assets that can typically be funded in this fashion are generally of a tangible nature with a readily available resale market.

Most items of equipment in normal use within the business or industrial environment may be obtained through leasing or hire purchase. Equipment can cost as little as a few thousand pounds, or more than £10 million in the case of some major industrial plant machinery.

Proposals up to £200,000 can have a decision on finance the same day from a selection of funders.

What are the benefits of asset finance?

  • The cost of the asset can be linked to the income it generates
  • Relatively straightforward facility to arrange
  • The rental profile is agreed at inception allowing simple cash flow management
  • Stand-alone facility that leaves other lines of credit intact for working capital
  • Unlike an overdraft, asset finance is generally non-cancellable providing the agreement is maintained correctly
  • Equipment types that are suitable for hire purchase or leasing?