About us

Here at RFL Credit we operate an almost exclusively commercial brokerage specialising in Asset Finance for the business-to-business sector. Firstly for the ‘Direct Client’ and secondly for Vendors wishing to offer finance as part of a sales package.


Structured finance is our speciality. We have the ability to place business because of our long-term relationship with fund providers. Business people require finance for a vast range of items and invariably they find the process time consuming and often frustrating. That’s why our personal touch, inside knowledge and years of experience make such a difference – once an application is submitted, RFL will do the leg work, get the best rate and allow you to get on with your business.


Our UK wide network of managers will do all this for you, whatever your financial history – not everyone has the standard AAA profile.


RFL Credit has grown with regular client’s repeat business and referrals from them. We want to get to know your business and for you to phone us first when you need commercial finance.






Why should you use RFL Credit?

We are truly Independent with a service ethic second to none.


Due to the volume of business we transact we can command very competitive rates.


We will match you, or your client, to the best available product in the market place.


Our direct contact with the underwriters gives us the ability to maximise the acceptance rates for vendor’s clients.


We are a professional group of people who value service as the primary function of the business we offer.


Training and back-up for your sales staff – not all sales people are comfortable dealing with finance applications.


Slightly different and unusual proposals will be dealt with – we will always listen when someone has a story to tell.


Our reputation and independence has been hard won. Therefore you can be assured that we will do our utmost to ensure that your proposals will be dealt with in a way that enhances this reputation and gets you the answer you require.

RFL Finance Options

Professional Business Loans
Through direct relationships with mainstream financial institutions we have are in a new era of unsecured fixed rate loans. We fully understand your practices day to day financial requirements. RFL Credit can provide unsecured fixed rate business loans and arrange asset finance for all your needs.

Hire Purchase
The most popular method of financing goods, this involves all the VAT and a deposit by means of a % of the gross price paid on signing. The goods go on your balance sheet as an asset and you claim the normal write-downs for tax that apply. At the end of the agreement the goods are yours.

The ideal format if cash flow is an issue and you do not have the attitude that you have to own the goods. The rentals that are due are a liability on your balance sheet. A lease is ideal for cash flow as the VAT does not have to be found at the outset of the agreement but is added to each payment as it progresses. At the end of the agreement you usually sell the goods to a third party on behalf of the finance company and pass over a % of the proceeds. If you wish to keep the goods on a lease you may enter into secondary rentals.

Operating Leases
Simply put this is contract hire. The process is: the funder reduces the cost of the monthly payments by assessing a future value to the item on completion of the ‘rental term’. This shows as a liability on your accounts and does not form an asset. At the end of the agreement the goods are returned without any opportunity to ever own them. This is an ideal finance product for goods such as cars and vans that have a determined life and are used for a specific purpose.

Minimum Term Rentals
This enables long term hire of equipment with the option to keep the agreement going after the minimum contract term for the same rental payment. This style of finance applies in the main to agreements with service contracts were, if continued, you will keep the same service levels on older equipment. From a seller’s point of view the equipment never belongs to the customer and it can become a sales vehicle to sell upgrades.

Commercial Mortgages
Any property with an exclusive commercial use can be financed by this method. There are a multitude of schemes in the market place, each with its own particular features and quirks. In today’s current climate many products are being changed or removed, this is the best time to use RFL Credit as your brokers to ensure you get the best deal.