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What Is A Commercial Mortgage?

If you are considering a commercial property mortgage you need to make sure that you are taking the most sensible option over the long term. Commercial mortgages work in two ways; either to finance the purchase of your own commercial property or to raise capital against the value of your existing commercial property such as a re-mortgage. Any property with an exclusive commercial use can be financed by this method.



What Are The Rates On A Commercial Mortgage?

Commercial mortgage rates are variable depending on each individual's circumstances so it is essential you get professional advice before entering into any long-term financial commitments. In many instances we have found our clients have been misled in the past when it comes to business mortgages. Unlike your bank or traditional financial adviser RFL Credit are specialists within the commercial financial industry and routinely deal with large-scale mortgages of this type.




When Should I Consider A Commercial Investment Mortgage?

Commercial Investment Mortgages are primary designed for individuals and companies wishing to purchase a property with the intention of renting out to either profit from rental income and/or property value appreciation. If your requirements are to build a portfolio of properties purely to lease for profit then this type of business mortgage is ideally suited.


We start by looking at your financial needs and expectations. When seeking out the most appropriate solution for you we'll always keep them in mind. RFL believe transparency is important when dealing with any financial matters so you will be well informed at all times. Get in touch today for a completely unbiased and independent review of the best commercial mortgage rates to suit your needs.


What can we offer?

With our years of experience we are able to select the most suitable lender for you from a huge range of including major banks, mutual building societies, niche providers and specialised commercial mortgage lenders. Typical commercial investment mortgages arranged by us range from £100,000 to £25M with features such as:

  • Interest only mortgage periods
  • Partial amortisation
  • Lump sum mortgage repayments
  • Variable, fixed and hedged mortgage structures

The range of properties eligible for commercial mortgages include:

  • Prime office/retail
  • Secondary
  • Industrial
  • Warehouses/retail park
  • Multi occupancy serviced offices
  • Pubs & Hotels